Born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland. Physically located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Spiritually living in a cabin in Iceland. Writer since the age of 8. Received M. Sc. degree in maths, worked as graphic designer for 15 years, then as a blacksmith for four years. Currently working on historical fiction novel, set in Iceland between 1885-1920.

“Alright… There is a story you might enjoy. It’s a good one…I think.”
“Do people die in it?”
“Yes, they do.”
“Fire? Women? Drinking? Fights?”
“Plenty of everything,” said Sigurð, exasperated.

Published essays and stories in Rita Baum (art-literature quarterly), Inaczej (monthly gay magazine), regular column at Homiki.pl (Polish gay portal), edurada.pl, Holandia – magazine for Polish expats in the Netherlands, and others. Blogging since 2000, frequently placing among top 30 most read Polish blogs. (Read further, Polish-only: http://www.miloscpo30.net). In his spare time – and those are not words used lightly – music producer, remixer and songwriter.