Children: The Ten Worlds book one

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Have you ever wished your parents were human?

Magni never wanted to be like his father, a murderous, absent, cheating alcoholic: Thor – the feared and beloved God of thunder. When Thor destroys everything and everyone his son knows and loves, Magni vows to stop the violence. His dream is to bring peace and prosperity to the Nine Worlds, then settle down with the man he loves. But is it possible to remain good in a place this bad? How do you escape cruelty in a universe built on it, or the shadow of your father when everyone calls you by his name?

Maya knows she’s a failure and a disappointment to her foster-parents. How could a child raised by Freya and Freyr – Goddess of love and God of sex – have no interest in the greatest of pleasures? Obviously, it couldn’t be the torture they subjected her to, or treating her as a tool that might someday be useful. Maya, her rage at their games more powerful than she knows, wants freedom to pursue her own destiny. But how do you forge your own life away from your God-parents when you’re nothing more than human?

A retelling of the Norse myths unlike any other, Children will answer all the questions you never knew you had about the heathen Nine Worlds… before leading you into the Tenth.

Storytellers: a novel

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Some say the past cannot be changed. Those people aren’t storytellers.

On a long, cold Icelandic night in March 1920, Gunnar, a hermit blacksmith, finds himself with an unwanted lodger – Sigurd, an injured stranger who offers a story from the past. But some stories, even those of an old man who can barely walk, are too dangerous to hear. They alter the listeners’ lives forever… by ending them.

Others are keen on changing Gunnar’s life as well. Depending on who gets to tell his story, it might lead towards an unwanted marriage, an intervention, rejoining the Church, letting the elf drive him insane, or succumbing to the demons in his mind. Will he manage to write his own last chapter?

Bjørn Larssen’s award-winning, Amazon #1 best selling novel is an otherworldly, emotive Icelandic saga – a story of love and loneliness, relief and suffering, hatred… and hope.

Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner

Vikings: from history to History

It doesn’t matter whether a story is true when it’s good. Or does it?

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Did you know that History Channel is not actually a TV channel that shows historical documentaries? I didn’t when I saw the first episode of Vikings and firmly believed that Ragnar and Rollo were brothers, Ragnar’s wife Lagertha gave him a son called Björn and a daughter called Gyda, and Ragnar was a poor farmer who climbed from the bottom to the top thanks to nothing but his courage and faith.

In this book you will read the truth – if such thing exists – about Ragnar, Lagertha, Aslaug, Björn, Ivar and his brothers, Rollo, and Athelstan.

This first edition of Vikings: from history to History covers seasons 1-5A and will be periodically updated.